Dietary supplements Phytextra are made with ingredients of the highest quality that meet strict specifications.

Our manufacturing process and traceability are fully controlled from receipt of raw materials to packaging.


Fabrication compléments alimentaires


Our analysis laboratory checks all incoming raw materials and all outgoing products. We pride ourselves on the uncompromising quality of our products.

Obtention of ISO 22000 confirms the commitment of Phytextra Laboratories, to deliver quality products to their customers.

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This standard guarantees that the food supplements and dietary products which are invented, produced and proposed by the Phytextra Laboratories, comply with all demands of food security and quality.

ISO 22 000 certification is delivered by an independent and accredited organisation that verifies the conformity of the system and the internal practices with the standards and regulations.

Phytextra also respects all organic rules and all health and consumer protection rules to make your label product.