Phytextra is the culmination of 10 years of experience in the field of nutrition and dietary supplements.

We offer you our expertise and we support you in the various stages of your dietary supplements design :

√ Development

√ Manufacturing

√ Packaging

We have a powerful and flexible industrial tool to meet your needs, average to large series.


Our equipment

- Screening of raw material

- 2 mixers to 500 L

- 4 capsule fillings

- 3 packaging lines

- Sample room

- Controlled rooms temperature and hygrometry.


Mixing and kneading tools create multidirectional movement projecting particles to be mixed.

Installed in ours whites rooms of 450 m² with controlled temperature and humidity, our mixers ensure optimal results even for components with different weights and sizes.

Our expertise also allows us to perform complex mixtures (up to 20 ingredients) and mixtures of extracts and hygroscopic products.

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Capsule filling

Phytextra laboratory has a production site where 4 capsule fillings giving you a production capacity adapted to any application.
√ Two automatics capsules fillings BOSCH with returns of 40,000 capsules / hour, these production lines are made for large series.

√ Two semi – automatics capsules fillings ULTRA cap8, with returns of 15,000 capsules / hour for medium series.


Every 5 minutes, uniformity weight test capsules are made. These checks are carried out during manufacture, but also on the finished product.

Our dietary supplements productions are performed under controlled temperatures and humidity.